About Me

A mom of a medically challenged young boy who went on a discovery of answers. Relies heavily on The Lord God Jehovah. 

Trained in Massage. Craniosacral techniques, and emotional release. Raindrop Massage, reflexology, tuning forks, etc.

Trained by Upledger Institute, I provide an avenue for the body to heal after an injury. Specifically, I work on vaccine injury. The body can heal itself, it just needs coaxing. Children with Autism who are vaccine injured have suffered trauma. The Trauma can be resolved and the body can heal. Massage Therapy using The Raindrop Massage incorporating raindrop oils from Young Living Essential Oils. I also incorporate AromaTouch from doTerra into my practice for those that request it. Healing for a child or adult with vaccine injury.

I also work at Maikai Massage in Woodbridge 



and Occoquan Family Chiropractic